Get Current Session API Server Side

Is it possible to call the Get Current Session api (/api/v1/sessions/me) from the server side? Everytime I call it (c #) I get ‘404’ even if I have an Okta session.

If I call it using Javascript, I get a response when I have an Okta session.

Is this api only meant to be called in client? The client call doesn’t fit into our workflow.

Since your application domain would not match your Okta domain, browser would not send the Okta cookie to your server and unless you have the Okta session cookie value on the server side, this call cannot be made from the server - it will have to be made from the client side. On the client side, browser will automatically pass the Okta cookie which will be used by Okta to identify the session is valid or not and provide details about the user. What is the user workflow? You may have to look at alternative way of getting session details or find a way to pass the info from client to server.

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Thanks for the response. Just wanted confirmation that the server side call was not going to work. I have updated to used client and is working now.

What exactly you did to make this work at client side ? please let me know.

Thanks in advance.