/api/v1/sessions/me returns 404 on IE11

I am trying to use Okta for SSO for my web app. I can log in fine, and when I go back to the login page on Chrome /api/v1/sessions/me returns the current session and redirects me to the app like it should.

The problem is that when I go to the login page on IE11 /api/v1/sessions/me always returns 404 instead of getting the current session information. This happens even when I just logged in and immediately went back to the login page.

I’ve tried using oktaSignIn.authClient.session.get() and oktaSignIn.authClient.session.exists() and both have this same problem.

I know cookies are enables on both browsers.

What can I do to allow IE11 to get the current session information?

For anyone else that encounters that issue, you will need to

  1. Ensure that IE is set to allow third party cookies as Okta sets a session cookie, ‘sid,’ upon successful authentication
  2. Add your Okta domain, such as https://{{org}}.okta.com, and, if you are using one, your Custom Domain to the Trusted Sites in IE