Can't get session with the Widget or JS Auth SDK on IE11


I’m attempting to use the widget and even the javascript auth SDK. I am able to log in correctly, but when I attempt to SSO or need to get the session, it doesn’t seem to have been created in IE11. The session management piece works fine in other browsers (firefox / chrome / safari), but not in IE11.

Any ideas?

IE11 Widget doesn't set session

Hi Tom,

You would need to enable following settings in IE 11 for this to work…

  1. Enable active script under the Trust site zone -> Customer level-> Script

  2. Enable 3rd party cookies. Internet Options -> Privacy-> Advance Privacy Settings -> Third-party Cookies: “Accept” (Third-party Cookies) to “Always allow session cookies.”

Hope this helps.



This is still an issue as of okta-auth-js version 2.2.0

If IE11 is supported, should this not work without expecting our users to tinker with their settings?

Is there a plan to fix this in an upcoming release?