IE11 Widget doesn't set session

My application currently uses the widget to log the user in, and then we display the Okta iFrame so the user can view all of the applications that they have access to. In IE11, if a user signs in and then clicks on one of the applications, they are prompted with an Okta login screen. This doesn’t happen with any other browser I’ve tested, just IE11.

Current setup:

let okta = new OktaSignIn({
            baseUrl: "someUrl",
            clientId: this.get('clientId'),
            redirectUri: this.get('redirectUri'),
            authParams: {
                issuer: "OktaUrl",
                responseType: ['token', 'id_token'],
                scopes: ['openid', 'email', 'profile', 'phone']
            features: {
                rememberMe: true

okta.session.get(function(response) {
            if (response.status === "ACTIVE")
                // user already logged into Okta elsewhere
            else {
                    { el: '#' + context.get('containerId') },
                    function(res) {
                        // get additional user info
                    function (err) {

I came across this issue to help possibly resolve the issue:

Using setCookieAndRedirect also doesn’t seem to work and gets the user stuck in an infinite login loop, which also only occurs in IE11. In that sceario it doesn’t seem like it ever fully logs the user in, since the okta.session.get() returns an inactive session even though they just logged in (again, only IE11).

Currently using 2.10.0 for the Widget.

Resolved using this issue Can't get session with the Widget or JS Auth SDK on IE11

Just had to add Okta to trusted sites

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