Get current users' passwords


I would like to move current users from the original okta organization to another okta organization. I’m going to use the “Create User API” to create users with their original passwords, so that those users don’t need to reset their passwords. However, I don’t find any API which can fetch users data including the user’s password. Is there any way we can get the user’s password/credential?

Any suggestions will be helpful!


Okta APIs will not return a user’s password back, so I don’t see anyway to export this data so you can import the users into second org.

Have you looked into instead setting up an Org2Org connection between the two orgs so users can start accessing apps in the second/new org?

If you go the Org2Org route and you want to detach the users from the original org down the line so they can set a new password in the new Org (which there will be no avoiding), you can unlink them from their Idp and reset their password, similar to whats discussed in this thread.

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Ok, got it. Thanks! Will look into the Org2Org connection first.

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