Migrating users between orgs (M&A)

For the case where Company1 aquires Company2.

I want to migrate users from Company2’s org to Company1’s org. I am currently user okta userid as the subject for my user.

What’s the best way to move the user from org2 to org1? The create user api has methods which allow me to recreate the user but I don’t see any way to set the userid.

The main thing I want to do is create a user with the same userid in Company1’s org (because I’m using that for some application level mapping).

Hi @sbennett

You can use org2org application in order to provision the users from org2 to org1 easily.


I got org2org set up and am able to move the user, when the user was created in the new org it was assigned a new okta userID. We’re using user.id to identify the subject of our user through a saml mapping so I don’t want it to change. Is there some way to get the org2org app to create the user and use the same userid? The userId looks like 00ujxj4xj88eAQcY00h7.

We want to do the same type thing, however we want to move external users to a new dedicated instance, “without” creating new user and new profiles for the users. Okta, you’re going to tells us how to do this right? I would think this is a database extract of the user and import process that your team facilitate.