GET /Users doesn't include Deactivated users - how to include?

I have Angular code which lists users, including user.status. This is displayed in our UI and works perfectly. Now I have a requirement to include Disabled users in the listing. It seems I can pull ALL status except disabled with my query /users including STAGED, PROVISIONED, ACTIVE, SUSPENDED, etc., etc., But DEACTIVATED users do not show up in the listing.

Simple code to get the users, including status:

 this.http.get(config.api.url + '/users', {}).subscribe((response: any) => {
    const users = response.users;
    this.users = [];

    for (const user of users) {
        firstName: user.profile.firstName,
        lastName: user.profile.lastName,
        terminationDate: user.profile.terminationDate,
        status: user.status,


Do I need to query differently to get the Deactivated accounts?

Thank you in advance!, Phil

Try filtering for users with the status “DEPROVISIONED,” thats the status they should have after they have been successfully deactivated