Getting an error trying to register on


I have been trying to register in the Okta developer and I get an error message: Value for required property ‘Password’ is missing.
I have trying different browsers, laptops, and I have tried using Okta CLI and the all are giving the same message.
Below is the message from the Okta CLI register command:

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I am also facing the same issue. I tried to sign up using Google but it keeps redirecting to the choose an account page.

@GoranM & @suryanshusingh I believe this issue was resolved the other day, but let us know if you’re still seeing this issue

still facing the same issue.

i still have this issue.

Hmm… seems to be working now. Can you try clearing your cache and hard refreshing the sign-up page?

Hi @andrea,

I did not get the register confirmation email when i sign up and and now i can not sign in to dashboard or reset the password or neither have the dev url. Are you able to help me here? Please.
my email is Dinesh.Kutu@****.