Okta Developer Registration by okta-developer-accounts, is encountering an issue

I am trying to create an develper service account on okta but im unable to create one, be it via google or github. Can anyone please help me. Is there any issue for creating the account or authorisation issue while creating the account?


To Sign up for developer edition is not working…

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You can try the Okta CLI ? https://cli.okta.com/

Also, what specific errors are you getting? Ideally, there shouldn’t be any issues if you’re using your Gmail account.

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I am having a similar issue:
I have created a dev account with my corporate (okta users) email.
Activation email received (no dev id in the email)
Clicked to activate; on entering a new password receive an unsupported error.
Is there a process for creating/ clearing a new dev account or looking up based on email?

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it’s probably fixed.

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