Getting cookies disabled error from Okta OIDC

I am using Okta OIDC - signInWithBrowser method. It was working fine earlier, even it is working as expected on some of iPhones and iPads. But suddenly since last 2 weeks, on some device getting error as below when I am trying to login in Okta.
Cookies are disabled on your browser. Please enable Cookies and refresh this page.

I have searched about it and read on Okta Develop Page. There is small note I found about it. But I have some confusions :

  1. I am using login method signInWithBrowser, not opening or using any browser manually.
  2. I have Microsoft Edge and Safari browsers on my device. I don’t think it is relevant as signInWithBrowser open in WebView.
  3. Also on some device it is working fine. (All device has Microsoft Edge and Safari browsers as this is not end user app)
  4. And I am not in zones, where Okta is stopped working since October 2022 Here and Here

If anyone knows about it, guide me. Thanks

If you are using signInWithBrowser there should not be an issue if you have 3rd party cookies blocked.
The error sounds more like these devices have All Cookies blocked.

  • On a device if you go to Settings > Safari
  • Check if BlockAll Cookies is enabled

Could be all devices somehow were updated at the same time to block cookies.

Thanks for your time.

Yes, I did check cookies option in Settings --> Safari, but no luck.