Getting login issue, while input the credentials

Hi Team,

I am able to configure the sandbox account and rendering the login UI successfully but when login with credentials, it attempt failure and showing below error message :

You are not allowed to access this app. To request access, contact an admin.

Please provide the suggestion that helpful to me for resolving the issue.

Thanks !!

Hello there,

My name is Akash, from Okta and I will be handling this issue.

Please sign in as an Admin to the Admin Console and ensure that the Authentication Policy is configured in a way that the user is allowed to access the Okta dashboard.

You can follow the instructions that are given in this article - Okta Help Center (Lightning)

Thanks Akash,

I have followed the articles you shared but did not work for me. Some steps may have been missed.

Can you please assist further.

Hi Team,

Please provide other approach to address the issue.