Groovy/Grails SDK for OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect with Okta

Hi All,

We are trying to enable server side authentication with OAuth 2.0 and Okta for an application built on Grails 2.3.8 which internally uses Spring 3.x (no Spring-boot) and JDK7.

Is there any stable SDK available which support above Grails version.

We tried couple of below options available on forums and blogs but getting major/minor dependencies/ compatibility errors.– (Grails version is mismatch here) (Spring-boot)


No, we do not support Grails 2 with any of our SDKs. You might try this plugin for OAuth. I haven’t tried it myself.

Thanks Matt,
So, Is there any wrapper for java,groovy or Spring 3.x (not spring boot) to mimic same SDK behavior.


There’s a tutorial I wrote last year that shows a few techniques in a non-Spring Boot app. You might find it useful.