Group PUT endpoint get called too many times

Hey there,

When Okta updates a user it does a GET and then a PUT on /users, no issues.

When I do the same thing with with group it does
GET (200), GET (200), PUT (201), GET (200), PUT (201) on /groups.
It the same id’s and values that are used in these calls.

It works, but there is 3 calls that doesn’t need to be there. Everything works btw. I just called 3 times too much.

Am I missing something or is this an error?


Could you specify which Group operation you doing when you get this? Or do you get this for every group operation?


I assume this is for one of the SCIM integrations for provisioning?
If so is it,

  • An application installed from the Okta Integration Network (which)?
  • One of the Scim 2.0 cloud templates
  • One of the Scim 1.1 cloud templates
  • Integration with a customer SAML or SWA application
  • Using the Okta provisioning agent

Hi again.

This happens when I try to add or remove members to a group which uses the PUT action.

This is my own custom SCIM integration done with SCIM 2.0 and it’s for provisioning.
I’m using HTTP Header with Bearer token for authentication.

I have made sure I provide you the objects you need regarding your own documentation

All the other endpoints seems to work fine and only send the requests they need.
(My integration already works with Azure AD, just fyi)

Hi any updates?

Btw when I update name of the Group. It also does GET, GET, PUT.
Not sure why it does 2 GET’s

I am also getting the same issues, did you ever figure out what was going wrong?