Group Rule Logic Search

Hello Everyone.

We make good use of Okta group rules within our org. We have rules that use Department as part of the logic and recently, our HR team changed the Department for a group of folks which impacted how some groups are managed/populated.

Is there a way to search WITHIN Okta Group rule logic so we can make the necessary adjustments? For example:

  • Group Rule 1 contains logic user.department==“Department A”

We’d like to search for all rules containing user.department==“Department A” in the logic so we can change it to user.department==“Department B”

Would this be the correct way to go about solving for this problem? Open to suggestions. Thanks!


Have you tried using the search param in the List Groups Rules API.

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Didn’t even think to use that. Just tried it out and it gives me what I need. Thanks for the call out!

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