Search groupRules by rule name

Hi there!
Using an okta-sdk-nodejs and trying to find group rule by rule name.
As far as I see, I can pass query params to listGroupRules() like:
listGroupRules(queryParameters?: {
limit?: number,
after?: string,
search?: string,
expand?: string,
}): Collection;

But the question is - anyone have an example what should I pass as a search query there?
Tried to find some info from OKTA documentation - no luck, no examples at all:
Search Group Rules | Okta


I’d be happy to help with that. The syntax for the expressions that should be passed in the search parameters would be the same as the filter expressions which are documented at the link below:

For example, in order to find group rule name that starts with "Prod - ", the search param will be:

name sw "Prod - "