Groups API call with empty query

Hi All

Can anyone confirm that this is expected behaviour for me?

Make a call to the groups API like this:


where group_name is null

The response to this call is all groups up to limit and I would like to know if this is expected or whether the expectation would be no groups are returned.

When testing it returns 200 groups for me and I think this is expected. Someone in my organisation ran this call and then processed the results not realising that they were working on a response which contained all groups hence the question


This is not expected. You should not retrieve all the result but an empty array assuming that you have no groups that match the name ‘null’.

It likely that they entered the wrong query name ‘q’ or they entered a ’ ’ which could caused the result to return all the groups.

Hmmm maybe a bug then. I tested in Postman with this url:


I got many groups returned


Hi @adrian.schofield

Can you please open a support case with us at in order to reach out internally and officially confirm the behavior?

Thanks Dragos I’ve logged a ticket for that 00776671