Guides for .Net 6

I’ve come across guides / tutorials for using Okta with .Net 3.1, but haven’t found anything on .Net 6. This leaves me wondering if the guidance for 3.1 still applies to the current Microsoft Core. So, are the 3.1 based guides still valid? If so, I would suggest at least adding some sort of “Guide” (or comment to an existing guide) specifying that nothing has changed. Otherwise, could you please provide me with guidance on what has changed?

We published a blog post about .NET 6 this week. Maybe it’ll help?


Woohoo!!! Thanks!
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That’s a great start. Now, my particular need use case is:

  • .Net 6 Restful API - need to secure server / server access (addressed by the article you recommended)
  • .Another Net 6 Restufl API to service Blazor WASM - need user identity for managing profiles
  • .Net 6 Blazor WASM - manage user access / access user profile from API.

Can you recommend specific guides / blog posts / articles to deal with these use cases?