Help with /logout


In my app, after a user successfully logs in, I am storing the “id_token” that is returned from OKTA. I then have a button to log out a user which just makes a GET request to “https://{host}/logout?id_token_hint={id_token}” but I am getting a 404.

Is there any other parameters or headers that need to be sent? I tried the GET request from my app which makes a server request. I’ve also just tried making the request via POSTMAN with no success.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you

Hi @jayrc

You need to redirect the user to the /logout endpoint of the authorization server. This endpoint looks like the following:${ID_AUTH_SERVER}/v1/logout, for example


Can you please check if the URL is in this form?

Hello @dragos,

https://{host}/oauth2/default/v1/logout?id_token_hint={id_token_hint} did not work for me.

What is the recommended method for me to retrieve the {id_auth_server} client-side?

Hi @jayrc

Can you please open a support ticket by sending an email to to have this further investigated?

@dragos I sent an email, this post can be resolved. We’ll be going with the /revoke approach. Thank you

Hi I am also facing the same issue you have mentioned. you could resolve your issue? How could you implement the /revoke approch.


Hi @adarshknstek

Can you please open a support ticket with us through an email to in order to have this issue further investigated by one of our Developer Support Engineers?