Hosting my Okta app tips? Heroku?

Hey, I know that Okta needs SSL.
For hosting my Okta app, is there any hosting platform that work really well?

I’m planning to use Heroku.

Hello, provides free hosting, cpanel with SSL.
Googie, Free Hosting with Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate. When registering, you can get a free subdomain from Googie Host

Google Cloud Platform has a 90days free trial but you will have to submit a credit card for this.

I also found this post on stackoverflow to setup SSL on hero free plan using Cloudflare

Hope it helps, :sweat_smile:

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Oh wow, I can actually kinda answer this.

I initially had a Heroku + Namecheap, Heroku comes with SSL at their cheapest plan (but not for free), but unfortunately my client bought the namecheap SSL before we realized this.

I ended up putting cloudflare in the middle to provide SSL for free, and it’s working so far.

Other option is Amazon Web Services where they have a free tier

Yes, You can easily host your app on heroku. Just remember to add the correct redirect URI’s in the okta.

Thanks Chai4 for your help. I recently posted another support questions Profile activation email (post-Registration) any help you could give me on that would be great,