Third party cookies issue

Much like the question asked at Okta Widget Issues with Session.Get, I’m having an issue in Chrome with 3rd party cookies.

The main difference is that my app is still in development and I’m the only one working on it. Therefore, everything is happening on Localhost instead of a production server. Is there a way I can do the tutorial (Still a novice at this) and have it work as expected or do I have to wait until it’s in production to see if it’s going to work for me?

Or, is there a way I could push the tutorial material to a live server to test it before I continue any farther? Is there a reasonably priced host that you would recommend for this?



Most cloud providers (Amazon, Azure, Digital Ocean, Heroku, etc.) have free trial that you can sign up and deploy your app to. Due to the differences in tooling, I’d sign up with the vendor that you are going to choose eventually for production, in order to avoid double learning curves. The vendor you eventually choose may depend on your company’s existing relationship with a vendor, and future costs.

Thanks jliu,

I’ll probably go with Digital Ocean, mainly because it’s the only one I have any experience with.