Okta stops after authn request on custom domains

React Application is working well on localhost but not on dev-server.
Flow stops after authn call. No success/error response. loader spinning endlessly.
not see any iframe.

Hi there. Thanks for the network SSs, any chance there are errors showing in the console?

Showing no error in console.

Thanks for confirming. The fact that it’s working locally and not when deployed makes me curious if there’s something going on with 3rd party cookies. Are you blocking 3rd party cookies in your browser? And if so, does it work if you temporarily unblock them?

Hi Cale,

I have allowed all cookies in browser and still same result.
Attached screenshots for your reference, you can check console as well.

I am running into exact same issue. Works on localhost but not on custom domain. I am upgrading from version 4.4.4 and never had such issue before.

Hi @nsheikh

I am using these versions:
@okta/okta-auth-js version: 5.3.1
@okta/okta-react version: 6.1.0,
@okta/okta-signin-widget version: 5.9.4,

@Cale, do you have any suggestions here? The issue can easily be reproduced even using the code sample on the Okta website below:

Okta Sign-In Widget Guide | Okta Developer

@krishnabardoliya I see in the first screenshot your site is using HTTP, you should be using HTTPS and that could potentially fix your issue.

@nsheikh I don’t know if this applies to you as well.

@Cale, I am testing with HTTPs and it’s the same issue.

@Cale, is there any workaround for this? Can’t really use version 5.x, I am surprised others are not running into this issue.

@nsheikh I currently can’t repro the issue you’re experiencing. Yours also does not log any errors in the console and you aren’t blocking 3rd party cookies at all?

@Cale , correct there is no error in the console and we are not blocking any 3rd party cookies. I don’t believe the issue is specific to 3rd party cookies since I would have expected it would have had same issue with version 4.4.4. Some screenshots below

There were some breaking changes going from 4.x to 5.x. If you have it working in the latter but not the former, take a look at this migration doc and see if anything stands out to you:

It could be that you are using methods that don’t exist or have different names in 4.x

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Thanks, this helped. Seems like showSignInToGetTokens() doesn’t redirect anymore and showSignInAndRedirect() needs to be used.

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