Okta Sign In widget not Working outside localhost

Hi ,

I followed the example simple React-Okta SPA app as mentioned in documentation (Okta Sign-In Widget and React | Okta Developer). This works like butter in my local . But whenever I run this app in Ec2 or any cloud Vm , it simply stops working.

The login page in OktaSignin widget comes up , but never authenticated and redirects to the home page. I don’t see any error in the console nor in the okta event logs. In fact Okta event logs shows that it has received the request and have successfully authenticated it.

Note: I have correctly added the redirect url in the Okta portal. Also enabled CORS for the public cloud url.

Its likely because your non localhost domain does not have an SSL cert. If you are using PKCE which requires it for security (but is also recommended generally), you MUST use https.