Okta Sign-In Widget Not Working When Testing Using IP Address


I am trying to implement Okta Sign-In Widget on a SPA. I have it working on Localhost testing server. I need other people to connect to look at the SPA so I have to host it on an IP Address. However, when trying to Sign-In in the Okta Widget, it is stuck in the loading icon. Is there any solution to fix this?

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I assume that you have the trusted origins in your Okta Org setup with the IP?

What schema is being used http or https.

  • if http is being used and assuming the trusted origin and application redirect URI is setup correctly you should be able to use
  • if https is being used, then all of the above conditions need to be met and any IP should work. I haven’t tested it.

With the widget only localhost ( can use http, all other addresses need to use https.