Okta login widget is stuck in login

I am using @okta/okta-signin-widget (version 6.0.1) in my angular project. It works well when I start the angular project in my PC.

But when I host it in a different server, okta signin widget hangs in the login page, once the username and the password is entered and login form is submitted.

The last network call I can see in chrome dev console is the following, and it has succeeded.

No error is logged into the dev console.

If I create an ssh tunnel from my PC to the address of the hosted url, and access it through localhost, it works.

Note that the hosted address is http, not https. I am unable to host it with https for now.

What could be the reason for this?


PKCE flow requires https. Okta SDKs allow http for localhost, but other host names will need to bind to an SSL port.

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