Okta sign-in widget stuck at login page

Hi I am trying to use the okta sign-in widget in my react web-app. For wrong credentials the sign in widget is behaving as expected but for correct credentials it seems to be stuck at the login forever.
I followed this react with okta tutorial from LEE BRANDT.
Please Help. and thank you in advance.

It sounds like your application is successfully authenticating your user but is now encountering an error when attempting to authorize into your application. Do you see an error message in the browser console?

the console is showing this error. please help to interpret this error.

Hi @Aditya_Poddar

Are you encountering issues also with the sample provided by Lee on GitHub here?

yes even this repo leads to similar problems

Hi @Aditya_Poddar

Can you please open a support ticket with us through an email at developers@okta.com in order to have this further investigated?