How can I verify a phone number to allow for SMS password recovery?


I am using okta-auth-js to make a forgotPassword(config) request using SMS as the factorType. I have given my profile a mobileNumber entry but when I go to make the request, I am returned with an error:

   name: "AuthApiError", 
   message: "There is no verified phone number on file.", 
   errorSummary: "There is no verified phone number on file.", 
   errorCode: "E0000097", errorLink: "E0000097", 

How can I verify my phone number in the Okta Developer Console?


This was solved by your technical support team. Here is the solution:

  • Log into the Okta Developer Console and at the top left, hover over “Developer Console” and switch to “Classic UI”
  • Click “My Applications” at the top right. This will take you to the user dashboard, not the Admin one.
  • Click your account name at the top right, and select Settings
  • Click Edit Profile
  • Enter your password
  • Select your country, input mobile number and send code
  • Input the code you received on your phone

I was able to use Password Recovery with SMS after doing this