How can the sign-out redirect URI be customized in a .NET 7.0 ASP.NET Core application?

I am implementing single-sign-out in my .NET 7.0 ASP.NET Core application based on the following guide.

By default, the sign-out redirect URI that is used is as follows.


I attempted to customize this URI by setting the OktaMvcOptions.PostLogoutRedirectUri property on the OktaMvcOptions instance that is passed to the AuthenticationBuilder.AddOktaMvc() method to the following value.


This does not appear to have any effect on the post_logout_redirect_uri query string parameter that is included in the request to the following URL. Note that I have redacted the Okta domain.

How should I be doing this?

Is there a more relevant guide that targets .NET 7.0 which I could be using?