How do I initiate login from two different URIs?


I have two different SPAs running under two different domain names that talk to the same backend server. I have and Okta SPA user flow configured for one of them which works perfectly. The back end also authenticates every request using the JWT and the client id of the Okta aaplication.

However, now I want to integrate another SPA with the same back end server, which means I have to include it in the Okta application already set up. I see the option to add multiple Re-direct URIs but and logout URIs but cannot add multiple “Login Initiate URIs”.

Any suggestions on tackling this?

I don’t think you need to worry about the Initiate login URI. I don’t think it’s used for anything, but I could be wrong.

@mraible, it’s used in ‘IdP Initiated’-like scheme, where user can log into OIDC application from Okta Dashboard by clicking the chicklet.

@gchheda, you should be good just initiate login from your application side w/o any issues, as long as you added login redirect URL into the application setting in Okta