Need details on Initiate login uri field while client registration

When registering a client application, I stumbled upon a field to fill in the login uri. The label of the text field is “Initiate login URI”. What is the significance of this field and what is the significance of “Login initiated by” field. Currently it is mapped to “App Only”.

The “Initiate login URI” field is used if you set “Login initiated by” to “App or Okta”, which will allow your OIDC application to be shown in the end-user dashboard. With the additional “OIDC Compliant” option selected, this means that when a user clicks on this application tile in their dashboard, they will be redirect to the “Initiate login URI” specified for the application in Okta. The application will then need to initiate an OAuth flow to request tokens for the user, as this is not done for you.

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