Android Initiate Login Uri

Hi there, I’ve implemented a standard OIDC login flow to an Android app using the sdk and steps from the github here - GitHub - okta/okta-oidc-android: OIDC SDK for Android

But now I need to handle the “initiate login uri”, but I can’t find any information on how to do this for Android

Has anyone done this before and could help?

What’s your use case? It doesn’t look like including an initiate login uri is an option for a native app in Okta.

Include a login URI if you want the Okta integration to handle redirecting your users to your application to start the sign-in request. When end users click a tile in their Okta dashboard, they are redirected to the initiate_login_uri of the client application, which constructs an authorization request and redirects the end user back to Okta.

We’re working with a client who has a website alongside their app, they’ve added some software to the website called Chameleon that sits in front of their login page.
I was given this flow by their web developers but can’t see to see how it would work for an app:

  1. Click Login in the app. Generates an OIDC request to Okta. This should be your initiate login URI.

  2. Application redirects to Chameleon via Okta and the user is presented with a webview to enter their credentials

  3. Chameleon logs the user into Okta, and creates the Okta session.

  4. Chameleon then uses the Initiate Login URI to complete the login to the mobile application. This will then:

a. Generate a second OIDC request from the app.

b. In the open webview, the normal OIDC request flow is followed, but as the Okta session exists in the web view from Step 3, Okta natively handles the request returns the OIDC tokens to your redirect endpoint, and the user is logged in to the app successfully.