Initiate Login URI, press app tile from Dasboard

Hi OKTA Team,

I am new to OKTA and what I want to happen is when the user login to our OKTA domain, there will be a list of available apps that the user have access to. We are able to show those apps.

My question is, when the user clicks the app tile, it is being redirected to for example

There is no specific detail to identify the user hence we are not sure who is currently logged in.

Now I understand that, from this point, our application should “initiate the OAuth flow” but I am not sure how to do this part specifically.

Sorry if my question is very simple but can’t seem to find the correct approach.

With OIDC there is extra work that needs to be done for this to work with the application. Okta has 2 options,

  • Okta compliant - redirects the browser to the applications URL with the iss (issuer) param so the application can kick of an /authorize request back to the issuer URL.
  • Okta simplified - does a form post to the application URL with the id_token in the body. The application needs to be able to handles a POST request for this.

More info can be found at: Okta Help Center (Lightning)

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