How to redirect unauthenticated user to custom login page

I am trying to create a SSO login using a OIDC integration application.

When an unauthenticated user tries to hit my application, okta redirects to default okta login page ( But I want to redirect then to my application’s login page.

This article said I can edit app embed link (Redirect unauthenticated users to a custom login page | Okta). This seems to be deprecated, as I cannot find this option even after changing the “login Initiated by” option to “Either okta or App”.

can I achieve this any other way?


The instructions you linked are for SAML applications.

For OIDC applications you can use,

  • Initiate login URI (if the Org is OIE)
  • IdP routing rules setup specifically for this application
  • In the /authorize call your application generates and redirects a browser to, add the option prompt=none as a query param. If a users browser does not already have an Okta session, the browser would redirect to your apps redirect_uri with an error message instead of landing on the Okta hosted login page . Your app could handle this by presenting the login screen.

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