Sign in from dashboard redirect to incorrect url

So I’m new implementing SSO and using OKTA I managed to make the login work with identity server.

When I login from my login page and use OKTA to login, it redirects properly to my web app.

When I launch the app from my OKTA’s dashboard and do the login from there, instead to redirecting to my web app, it’s trying to load the root of my identity server.

The login process works, if I try to access to my web app is aithenticated, it’s just the redirection after login in what is not working as expected.

Any suggestion on what configuration I need to check on?


Hi @Jaranda037 is the integration between your app and Okta using SAML or OpenID Connect?

If OpenID, check the “Initiate login URI” for your app in Okta and make sure its the right thing.
Make sure your app has logic to redirect/trigger sign-in if the user visits the initiate login URI and they’re not authenticated.


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