Okta as IDP initiated SSO

Hi, I have this .net web application on okta dashboard thats using okta as IDP and identityserver4 as service provider. with single sign on button on my applictions login page (basically SP initiated SSO) everything is fine. but when I click on my app from okta dashboard , for the first time it redirects to login page and i need to click on the single sign on button , only then apparent ly cookies synch. we dont want this login page at all for IDP initiated SSO. please advice.

For OIDC apps, they do not appear on the user dashboard by default because the login flow should be initiated from the service provider. I assume you must have updated the settings (per the article) to make it visible.

Then you must understand that when you click on the app in the Okta dashboard, Okta is just redirecting the user to the specified url provided in the “Initiate Login URI”.

In order to support this use case, your app would need to initiate the OIDC flow when the user is redirected to that specific url in your app.

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Hi Warren,

the app is on the dashboard, might be an issue with the flow as i need to click on sso button which we do not want to do.
possible to have a call?


Hi Warren,

Apparenytly we need to configure an endpoint in okta so it immediately triggers Challenge to that okta.

Please arrange a call or provide steps to do this ASAP. A call will be super helpful.


Hi warren

I have the following settings in my okta developer account (refer attached image). I need to configure an endpoint on top of this so when i click on my app icon from okta dashboard it triggers the endpoint, not sure where I should configure the endpoint.
(example of endpoint https://localhost:44303/External/Challange)