How do I see the devices used by the user for verification / Device Tab for User is missing

The user is configured to use the Push notification with Touch Id auth on iPhone with Okta Verify App, I do see the phone name while verifying the account on the sign-on screen and able to use the Okta Verify app but I don’t see the device tab for the same user on Okta Admin screen? Please help!

Just refreshing your minds with this question!

Hello ahmarimam: the Device Tab only shows up only when you have an OMM license.

Any API is available to get the list of devices for a particular user?

Thanks for tour help mraible,

The Factors API provides operations to enroll, manage, and verify factors for multi-factor authentication (MFA). There is no public Device API for OMM today. It is on our roadmap though.

Great, any ETA for public device API for OMM?

Unfortunately, no. There is no ETA. We have a lot of thought going into it before we can plan a release date.