Okta Register Device Name

I have a requirement to display the OKTA register device name on the screen like the OKTA does for you.

In the picture above it display (Pixel 2 XL) where is the OKTA API to get the register device name

I am referring to OKTA dev API but didn’t found anywhere


Any idea where can I find it???

Use the following API and see the snippet below for OKTA push for the information you require.


        "id": "REDACTED",
        "factorType": "push",
        "provider": "OKTA",
        "vendorName": "OKTA",
        "status": "ACTIVE",
        "created": "2020-01-12T18:14:13.000Z",
        "lastUpdated": "2020-01-12T18:14:21.000Z",
        "profile": {
            "credentialId": "chu123@myemail.com",
            "deviceType": "SmartPhone_IPhone",
            "keys": [
            "name": "chu123’s iPhone",  // <-- THIS VALUE
            "platform": "IOS",
            "version": "13.3"

Thank you it worked.