How do I update a custom attribute on a user profil when added him in a Okta group with Okta Workflows?

Hello everyone !

I’m new on this forum and I apologize in advance if my question is stupid or was already answered somewhere else (I looked on the forum but didn’t find it).

I’m working on the integration and scim provisioning of HubSpot in our Okta instance.

HubSpot is already used long before we integrated Okta in the company and so the “Roles” inside HubSpot are already created. I know that normally for the provisioning through Okta, it’s the attribute “Title” who will create “Roles” in HubSpot but we can change that in the settings and so we created a custom attribute named “hubSpotRole”.

Now I would like to create a Workflow which will write in the custom attribute “hubSpotRole” of the user profil when this user is added in the Okta group “HubSpot-Marketing”.

If I summarize, it will give : If [user added to group “HubSpot-Marketing”] Then [write “Marketing” in custom attribute “hubSpotRole”]

Can you give me some infos on how to build it ?

P.S : I add a screenshot in reply to this question.

Thank you for your time,