How is the alternateId determined for an AppInstance target in a System Log entry?

The System Log API returns target values of the form

   "alternateId":"Cisco AnyConnect VPN (2)",
   "displayName":"Cisco AnyConnect VPN",

How is the alternateId determined? Does it correspond to any other model values (e.g.

Do you (or have you ever) had two instances of the Cisco AnyConnect VPN app configured in your org?

I just tested adding a second instance of an OIN app to my test tenant that I had already integrated with, and it originally set the display name as “Application (2)” and when I check the system logs, its alternateId is also “Application (2),” so it looks like this is to help differentiate the two instances within your logs.

And in sys log:

When I changed the “Application label”, I saw the alternateId in the system log change as well:

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Ah, thank you for this answer!

I looked into it further based on your response, and it looks like the alternateId value is just the App label at the time the log was recorded

yup, that’s what I saw as well

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