How to apply a font from Google font API to Okta email templates

Hi folks,

I’m trying to apply the Lexend Deca font from the Google font API to the email templates found in the Okta admin console → Customizations → Brands → ${organization} → Emails.

I’ve come across this post in this forum and tried to apply the suggested changes from there using the head tag but Okta didn’t pick up on the font. I’ve also tried to add a style tag with the import statement below in various parts of the template to no avail.

Has anyone been successful in applying a font from Google API? Or is there a way to feed in a font file to my Okta instance and apply the font? Any advice would be much appreciated (even if it means that we’re not able to apply custom fonts at the moment).

@import url(‘’);

How are you currently viewing the emails you are generating? I found this post, How to Use Web Fonts in Emails (Updated) | Campaign Monitor, that discusses Web Font support for various email clients, which may be related to what you’re working on/seeing.

I’m viewing the emails either through the preview or the test send functionality built into Okta admin console. In either of these approaches, I see that the HTML code I added in Okta to set the fonts from the Google font API is deleted/missing.

When you receive the test email, what email client (e.g. Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc) are you using to read it? It could be a limitation related to the email client you are using

I’m using Gmail to read it but I see that the HTML font configurations are missing in the preview within Okta so I believe the result would be the same in any email client.