How to brand the sign in as your own (i.e. White labeling)

We’re using Okta for our project and it’s awesome. However, when the user logs in, they don’t see our brand, they see the Okta brand:


Now we don’t mind having “Powered by Okta” at the bottom of the page, but we do need to let people know they are logging into our system. And right now it looks like we are Okta, not our own thing but that just uses Okta for authentication. I’ve gone through the Okta user interface a dozen times, added logos in places, but nothing removes the sheep.

Do I need to upgrade my account or is there another step I can take?

If you are hosting the login page yourself using the Okta SignIn Widget or using a standard OAuth redirect?

We’re using okta-vue NPM module with what I believe is the standard OAuth redirect.

You can update the branding by uploading an image.

head on over to: https://{yourOktaDomain}.com/admin/settings/customize

Or from the developer console Settings -> Appearance

If you want to more control over the login page, you can use the Okta SignIn Widget, take a look at this example:

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That was it! Thanks so much!