How to Convert an Existing User's App Assignment from Group-Owned to Individually-Owned Type without Removing User's Group Membership via API

I am trying to unassign users from an application but it gives me the following error when I call the api:


“errorCode”: “E0000046”,

“errorSummary”: “Deactivate application for user forbidden.”,

“errorLink”: “E0000046”,

“errorId”: “oaeCUDm0L3gSx6kGe0DqEnCrg”,

“errorCauses”: [


“errorSummary”: “The application cannot be unassigned from the user while their group memberships grant them access.”




While on the UI, I see an option to change the Assignment Master from Group to Administrator, I could not find any api to do the same.

I do not want to remove the user from group, just need unassign some applications.

I don’t believe it’s possible through standard APIs. It can be done through Admin UI which uses some internal APIs to achieve the same