How to create Simple Login Screen using React Native and access token?

Hi guys , I want to create PKI login in my react native application using okta credentials . Please guide me step by step . I also read documentation but getting some errors. Thanks in advance.

@chinmay_k3 Have you tried Okta react-native samples? Does it work for you?

For details, you can take a look at Okta react native sdk.

Hi Lijia , I tried this . Its working fine for custom sign In . but I want to create app using Single SIgn On using SAML .but not getting solution yet. I want to hit API from React Native to this credentials to Access Token. following are credentials…

client-id = 0oaxxxxxxxxgthX08
okta url =
sign in redirect url = http://localhost:4200/callback
sign out redirect url = [http://localhost:4200/
]issuer =

I want to ‘access token’ using this credentials and using React Native

@chinmay_k3 Do you mean create SAML app?
SAML app does not have client id.
Here is a related discussion.

Ok. Actually I want to create single sign on authentication in react native and access token . I have client id and other credentials . How can I create . ?? I the sample App of github URL not getting proper output in BROWSER-SIGN IN

@chinmay_k3 If you tried React Native Custom Sign In Example, you should see the below usage.

Enter your credentials and tap the Login button. You can login with the same account that you created when signing up for your Developer Org, or you can use a known username and password from your Okta Directory.

After you complete the login flow, you will be able to see the details of user’s account. Tap Get Access Token button to exchange session token to access token via OIDC SDK.

Yes. Customer Sign In is working fine .But Browser Sign In is not working. Single sign on authentication that I want to create… No username & password.