Single Sign On Authentication SAML in react native

Hi guys . I want to create single sign in react native using okta (SAML Authentication) .

Hello! We don’t have much guidance when it comes to integrating SAML with RN. Have you taken a look at this doc?

Also, is there something in particular preventing you from using OIDC instead? We have an RN SDK and sample apps that can make building an OIDC integration a whole lot easier.

Hi thanks for your response. but I tried OIDC . but for more security we have requirement to create SSO , SAML Authentication using React Native . I searched a lot but not getting any proper solution . could you please share any sample project ? or reference to create project . Thanks

If you’re talking about OIDC samples, take a look here:

Also here’s a link to our RN SDK:

I tried this. but I want using SAML .Not OIDC. Could you please share (SAML Auth using RN)?

Unfortunately Okta does not have any guide or sample app for SAML with RN =(