How to do sso to other user from admin account?

I will explain to so far what I’ve done.

When a user tries to access to our portal, first it will check whether the user is authenticated or not? if authenticate then it will redirect to our dashboard, if not it will automatically redirect to Okta login page for authenticating themself.

The above explanation is for the user. Now I’ve also admin users when they will try to access our portal the same way they have to follow.

Here is what I wanted to implement is after admin logged in to our portal they will have the special authority to see the other user dashboard without knowing their credential it should be using sso by putting their email id or username. So that if any customer is having any problem in their dashboard admin can see that.

So, how can I implement that above sso thing using okta?
Any ideas. Thanks!

Hi @dipakdas

You can implement a SAML or OIDC identity provider in your Okta tenant which is linked to your portal.

When an administrator tries to authenticate on a user’s account, your portal will issue a specific authorization code or SAML assertion to authenticate and access the user’s dashboard in Okta.

Hi @dragos,

Thanks for your reply. Could you please guide me how to configure okta SAML 2.0 in vue.js?