How to get SAMLAssertion string form Okta to use AWS AssumeRoleWithSAML API?

I want to use AWS AssumeRoleWithSAML API for which I required SAMLAssertion string form Okta as Okta is IdP.
I can’t find any API from Okta which provides SAMLAssertion string form Okta.
Is there any other way for it .
Any guidance will help a lot.

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I require the same functionality for another application. I too have searched high and low but can’t see how to use an API call to request a SAML Assertion response. I’ve authorised the user using api/v1/authn which provided a sessionToken. I presume I now require a second post with the application identity to return a SAML Assertion but this appears to be absent. In my case, there’s no user interaction, just API calls.