Okta React SAML Integration

I am trying to use Okta as the identity provider for SAML2.0 in order to talk to AWS STS. This requires Okta to provide SAML assertion so that my application can pass the assertion to AWS. I can find react code to login and redirect pages but I can’t find the way to fetch this SAML assertion after login. How can I do this in React? Thanks!

Hi @jiaxing

The SAML assertion is generated on /app/ endpoint which is not CORS enabled. The best solution would be to use a back-end or api gateway to retrieve the SAML assertion through the back-end channel and then pass it to the front-end channel inside the React application.

@jiaxing do you mind sharing the react code or any sample authentication of SAML 2.0 with react application.

Looking forward to you.