How to get sessionToken using Okta Sign In Widget

I’m using Angular + Okta Sign In Widget v5.2.1 and I can’t access the SessionToken after log in successfully. Please help.

In the debug Network tab, it appears that okta sign in widget consumes api/v1/authn and it returns the sessionToken. However, I can’t obtained it in success callback.

Can you supply your login code you are using. The widget exposes 3 login calls depending on what your needs are.

I also highly recommend cloning our Angular samples, one demonstrates redirecting to Okta to login, and the other show how to host the Widget.

@thuannh2 can you please attach the link of the SDK you are referring now?

thank you for reaching to me. actually, I am following exact the same as What am I wondering is I don’t know how to get the sessionToken in success callback function.

I’m using @okta/angular@3.0.1