How to get updated SCIM fields to map to Okta profile

Hello, we have a SQL database and a functioning SCIM connector that pulls data from SQL and populates the Okta profile and then Workflows uses that data to provision accounts in our Active Directory. We have additional fields in our SQL database that we want to map to custom fields in the Okta profile so that we can use those for additional provisioning options.

Are there any generic instructions of how to update an existing SCIM? For example, something like:

  1. Add new custom fields to Okta Profile
  2. Edit “OktaAttributes=” by adding names of new Okta profile fields added in step 1
  3. Edit to include mappings of new fields from profile source to Okta profile (e.g., ProfileField2=OktaProfileField2) or is it the other way around of OktaProfile2=ProfileField2?
  4. Restart SCIM service (what is that service name) or reboot SCIM server
  5. In Okta web admin console, go to Applications > Applications > Profile Source App (SQL Server) > Provisioning > To Okta and then under “Okta Attribute Mappings, map the new Profile fields to the Okta Profile fields

FYI, I tried that process and the new fields added to the SCIM are not visible in Okta so I cannot map them.

Thanks for the help,
Jeremy Hawks


This link documents creating custom attributes for your SCIM integration that can then be mapped to your Okta user profiles and then to any other profile you wish from there.

In the profile editor in Okta you can view preconfigured attributes to see how the SCIM schema namespace is set. You can add extension namespaces like the enterprise user if your SCIM server is not setting the attributes in core user.