How to grant okta.myAccount.password.manage

I’ve been struggling to get the Update My Password working because it requires an access token containing the okta.myAccount.password.manage scope. I cannot figure out how to grant that scope to my application. It is not visible within the Okta API Scopes list.

Because it is not visible, I assumed it is configurable through some options within the Okta Admin dashboard, but I have yet to find it if it exists.

When I attempt to make this API request, it fails because my access token does not contain the scope. When I attempt to make a token request containing that scope, it fails because that scope is not configured for the authorization server resource.
When I attempt to add that scope to the authorization server, it fails because scopes starting with okta are reserved and cannot be added.

I’m at a loss on how to move forward here. Any help or a point in the right direction would be swell!

I think you may try to use APIs to assign it to your app first - Apps | Okta Developer

I’ll definitely give that a shot, thanks @phi1ipp