Unable to add grants with OAuth2 access token

Is it possible to add grants using the OAuth2 access token?

I’m able to call the add grant api with the api token but I would prefer to use an access token instead but I keep getting an “Invalid Session” error (E0000005)

Are you trying to modify a different or the same client application than/as the one you used to get your token?

I was modifying a different client application. I basically used the access token to create a client application and want to grant some scopes with that token as well. However, it seems like that’s not possible

Did you grant the client you are getting the access token for the right scopes to make this request AND is the user requesting the token of a sufficient admin role to modify other applications?

Yeah I mean I have client.manage, client.read, app.manage, app.read and I’m a super admin.

I’m basically using an existing application access token and creating another application with specific scopes.

In addition to my comment above, I can’t even grant on the client where I get the access token from.